Census 2021– Coming Soon!

Census 2021 will be key to making sure the big decisions on the future of our hospitals, schools, transport and other public services, following the pandemic and EU exit, are based on the best information possible.

We’re recruiting to our board

We are recruiting to our Board a Independent Board Member and a Audit & Risk Committee Chair. 

Act early and prevent terrorism

Radicalisation is the process by which a person comes to support terrorism and extremist ideologies.

Celebrating our Apprentices

This week we are supporting National Apprenticeship Week (8 to 14 February) in celebration of apprenticeships across England. 

Temporary changes to our telephone lines

We’re temporarily changing our telephone opening hours to help us manage the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Opening for less hours will help us rearrange staff shifts so more staff can be at work when the phones are busier.